Welcome to Sardinia

We are very glad to announce the 6th European Agroforestry Conference, EURAF2022, which will be held in Nuoro, Italy on May 16-20, 2022.

The agroforestry in Europe is one the strategic instruments to map out sustainable trails towards the green transition. A deal of utmost importance for Europe and its role in leading, also at global scale, the fight of climate change, environmental and economic degradation, irresponsible exploitation of natural resources, social exclusion.

Environment, policy, cultural and socioeconomic aspects of agroforestry will be the frames through which, policy makers, experts, academics and agroforestry enthusiasts will present and discuss research results, case studies and practices.

The debate on agroforestry, hosted in the heart of the Mediterranean, will be fostered by experiences from all Europe and will give rise to new ideas and proposals to be spread and shared globally.

The 6th European Agroforestry Conference is the biennial initiative of the European Agroforestry Federation EURAF  to foster the science and practice of agroforestry across the European continent and beyond.
The event brings together researchers, policy makers, agriculture and forest extension technicians, farmers, students to share and discuss current and emerging environmental and socioeconomic issues related to agroforestry.

EURAF2022 will be a five-day in presence meeting that, from the conference sessions in Nuoro will give the chance to visit different parts of Sardinia: from the Mediterranean agroforestry landscapes in the fascinating inner areas to the astonishing nature drawing the coasts of the Island.
Looking forward to meet you!


FOR MORE INFO PLEASE WRITE TO: [email protected]


Gli eventi EURAF2022 sono accreditati sul catalogo della formazione professionale continua per i Dottori Agronomi e i Dottori Forestali iscritti all’Albo al fine del riconoscimento dei CFP.




L’evento di EURAF2022 è valido come riconoscimento di CFP-Crediti Formativi Professionali per gli iscritti al Collegio Nazionale degli Agrotecnici e degli Agrotecnici laureati.