EURAF2022 aims to be a community event. For this reason we would like all the participants to come into contact with the local community and the traditions and culture of Nuoro.
A meal in the restaurants of the city and a taste of local dishes is a good way to discover the typical Sardinian hospitality and make the event economically and socially sustainable according to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Below a list of restaurants in which you can use your lunch tickets for an EURAF2022 menu.

Buon appetito!


Tavola Calda “Da Matteo” Di Busia Matteo
Address: Nuoro, Via Giovanni XXIII Snc
Phone: +39 329 958 2352
Ticket valid for: first course, second course with side dish, bread, wine, water


Caffetteria Alexander
Address: Nuoro, Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 15
Phone: +39 0784 38722
Ticket valid for: mixed dish, water, coffee

Caffé Torino
Address: Piazza Francesco Crispi, 2
Phone: +39 0784 37021
Ticket valid for: Dish of the day + Drink + Coffee

Caffè Manconi 
Address: Viale Europa, 8
Phone: +39 3470960768
Ticket valid for: Sandwiches, toasts, pizza, ice creams

Bar Antico Caffé
Address: Nuoro, Via Spanu, 3
Phone: +39 327 0985725
Mail: [email protected]
Ticket valid for: dish of your choice or sandwich, water, drink and coffee

Bar Italia
Address: Nuoro, Piazza Italia 18
Phone: +39 3803776382
Ticket valid for: Sandwiches, platter of cold cuts and cheeses

Caffé 18
Address: Nuoro, Piazza Crispi 4 bis
Whatsapp: +39 320074376
Ticket valid for: Sandwich with “purpuzza” (coarsely minced pork seasoned with salt, pepper, vinegar and spices), eggplant, sardinian cold cuts and cheeses, water or wine, coffee

Bar Marongiu
Address: Nuoro, Via Roma 122
Phone: +39 3496063429
Ticket valid for: platter of cold cuts and cheeses, drink

Bar Nuovo
Address: Nuoro, Piazza Mazzini 8
Phone: +39 078433283
Ticket valid for: Mixed dish+ drink + dessert
Big salad + drink + dessert
Platter of cold cuts and cheeses + drink

Café America
Address: Nuoro, Piazza Italia 5
Whatsapp: +39 3401848391
Ticket valid for: Mixed salads / Sandwiches / Rustic cakes / Pizza / Toasts / Fruit Salad / Water

Café Crispi
Address: Nuoro, Piazza Crispi
Ticket valid for: Mixed salads / Sandwiches / Platter of cold cuts / Pizza / Lasagna + Water / Drink / Wine

Bar Sas Grassias
Address: Largo delle Grazie
Phone: +39 3494025606
Ticket valid for: Sandwiches, toasts, pizza, panzerotti

Rullo a due
Address: Via Cedrino, 2
Phone: +39 347 6204401
Ticket valid for: Sandwiches with: cold cuts, burger, cutlet, mixed salads

Seven Café
Address: Nuoro, Viale Trieste, 29
Phone: +39 3297580533
Ticket valid for: Poke bowl + drink + coffee + dessert 
Sandwich + chips + drink + coffee + dessert 


Latteria zia Marianna
Address: Nuoro, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi
Phone: +39 0784 1823005
Ticket valid for: mixed dish, coffee


Punto Pizza
Address: Nuoro, Via Attilio Deffenu, 95
Phone: +39 0784 1822111
Ticket valid for: pizza, drink, coffee

Tana del diavolo
Address: Nuoro, Via Dante Alighieri, 10
Phone: +39 0784 36748


Address: Nuoro, Sebastiano Satta, 8
Phone: +39 0784 231443
Ticket valid for: first course, fruit salad, drink, coffee

Address: Nuoro, Piazza Goffredo Mameli
Phone: +39 3487702711

Address: Nuoro, Via Delle Grazie, 20
Phone: +39 392 9781617

Address: Nuoro, Via Don Giovanni Bosco
Phone: +39 3519464440
Ticket valid for: Sliced beef with rocket and parmesan + wine/water + coffee
First dish + side dish + water or Second dish + side dish + water
Mixed Salad + water + coffee or Pizza + chips + drink + coffee


Bun Club
Address: Nuoro, Via Solferino, 5
Phone: +39 345 696 9427
Ticket valid for: dish of your choice, drink

Pont’e ferru
Address: Nuoro, Via IV Novembre
Phone: +39 3201844562
Ticket valid for: Salad + drink + dessert
Sandwich + chips+ drink
First dish + dessert + drink
Dish of your choice

Caffé 9 3/4
Address: Nuoro, Corso Garibaldi 141
Whatsapp: +39 3277983524
Ticket valid for: Daily Menu / Pappas